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The Surrogate
The Savior - Book 3


THE SAVIOR (Book Three)

Three years have passed and the cult of the new savior has only increased by means of the Internet (where his existence was first revealed). Blogs devoted to sightings of him, as well as descriptions of the miracles that he has presumably performed, have flourished. Millions of people wait for him to emerge, raise high the standard and lead them into a golden age. But the young man is nowhere to be found.

Powerful people from across the globe fear his impact on the world should he choose to reveal himself. He must be found and bought off or forever silenced. A savior in spite of himself, he comes face to face with raw power, determined to preserve its privileges and eager to expose him as a fraud. Can he ever return to the life of normalcy he led as a child?

In THE SAVIOR, a thriller that raises profound spiritual questions, the fate of a man is linked inextricably to the survival of his soul. It combines the suspenseful elements of the high-tech adventure story with the equally riveting aspects of a spiritual quest. Underlying the trilogy and serving as its inspiration are the words of an elderly priest who, before dying, expresses his belief that “Every child born on earth has within him the power to save the world or destroy it.”

The SAVIOR is the account of one special man, coming dramatically to grips with that dual possibility in others and in himself.


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