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The Surrogate
The Son - Book 2


THE SON (Book Two)

THE SON picks up the story of THE SURROGATE twenty years later. The agency for surrogate mothers has been exposed as the front of a ruthless cult, bent on engineering the Second Coming.  Hannah Manning, having given birth to the child, has chosen to keep him as her own and has fled the country.  In Mexico, where she and her husband, a former priest, finally settle, she has succeeded in bringing up the child in anonymity. But she can’t protect him from a deadly mudslide in the Sierra Gorda mountains, where a miraculous occurrence inadvertently exposes him to the world, even as it reveals the strange circumstances of his birth.

Confused, but resolute, the youth resolves to get to the truth of his origins and undertakes a perilous search that pits him against a mysterious female photographer, a bed-ridden zealot in the grip of demonical visions and arrogant church authorities, not to mention the halt and the lame who believe he has healing powers.  A compelling novel of a young man coming of age in a world of hype and superstition, THE SON asks the eternal question, “Who am I?” and comes up with a provocative answer that implicates us all.

“A labyrinth of adventures that exposes the fanaticism that exists in Spain, as well as in the United States.” – EL COMMERCIO (SPAIN)

“After triumphing with “The Surrogate,” the authors have returned with the second part of their successful thriller, ‘The Son.’” – LA VOZ DE ASTURIAS (SPAIN)


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