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The Surrogate


Other Books in English:

Leonard Foglia & David Richards.

"Tasty enough to tempt you into wanting...more" - The New York Times

"A juicy mystery that deserves to be the beach read of the summer."- New York Newsday

This page-turning debut of gothic ambience and gripping suspense brings together the creative forces of Broadway director Leonard Foglia and Washington Post correspondent David Richards. With a masterful touch, they evoke the strange pull of an elegant Pennsylvania mansion through two tales, beautifully entwined: a 1920's Christmas Eve murder, and a contemporary wife and mother's search for answers to her future - and the past.

Carol gazed about the empty room. The sunlight pouring through the windows transformed the motes of dust in the air into magical bits of phosphorescence. There was that tug again. She had the distinct impression that Veronica and Charles were reaching out to her. She would never admit it to anyone - it was too crazy - but she felt joined to the dead couple just the same. It was no coincidence that she had bought this mansion or that the restoration had become such a compulsion. She told people it was a wise business decision. But it was far more personal than that.

She wanted to find out what had happened to Charles and Veronica, help them in their distress, silly as that sounded. How could she possibly help people who were dead and buried, people who had lived seventy years ago? Still, long before she had known their story, something had prompted her to bring Christmas back to this big old house. Some would say it was ghosts...

A dazzling achievement. 1 RAGGED RIDGE ROAD brilliantly portrays the promises made and broken with the bonds of marriage, the intrigue of long-buried betrayals, and the heart's hopes and secrets, both past and present.

1 Ragged Ridge Road

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Leonard Foglia & David Richards.

"Face Down In The Park cost me money. I got so engrossed that I couldn't finish my own work. It's the kind of thriller that keeps you in your chair and lets your phone go on ringing unanswered." - Neil Simon

Broadway director Leonard Foglia and cultural correspondent David Richards are true show business insiders. Now their partnership takes a daring twist on a roller-coaster thriller that strips away Hollywood's glitter and hype - and spills celebrity secrets so close to real life, they just might be true.

Brent Stevens wasn't doing what most visitors come to do in Central Park - no horse-drawn carriage rides or strolls through Strawberry Fields. He was lying face down trying to figure out the basics: who he was, where he was, and who had tried to kill him. He wasn't coming up with any answers, either - until Tina Ruffo, a tender-hearted aerobics instructor from Queens, lent a helping hand.

Tina was an exception in New York, someone willing to get involved with a stranger. But well dressed, good-looking Brent Stevens was extraordinary too, and so was his plight. After a blow to the back of the head, he can't recall his attacker. He has no idea what the key in his pocket actually unlocks. And he can't imagine the traps he's about to step into.

Now, as his memories come flooding back, Brent searches for the link between him and a mysterious figure living in New York's exclusive Dakota apartments, a female TV interviewer known for getting public figures to tell all on camera, and a glamorous husband and wife who are Hollywood's biggest box-office draws. With Tina at his side, Brent stumbles upon some dangerous secrets and finds dark and deadly truths that connect them all.

With breakneck pace - and sharply witty renderings of celebs who seem all too familiar - FACE DOWN IN THE PARK is super entertainment from two of today's most imaginative authors of first-rate suspense.

Face Down in the Park
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David Richards.

Played Out "is a superbly told story of a Cinderella who didn't fit the shoe, In a kingdom ruled by suspect princes. Played Out is played out against a backdrop of one of America's unhappier landscapes. Richards tells the tragedy of Jean Seberg's life and death with sympathy and understanding and it is written in the grand style of a genuine American tragedy." - Vincent Price.

Jean Seberg was forty when a policeman in the 16th arrondisement in Paris discovered her disintegrating body under a crumpled blanket in the back seat of a white Renault. A bottle of mineral water and an empty tube of barbiturates lay at her side. She had been dead for ten days - the police verdict: suicide.

What happened to the all-American girl is not just a Cinderella story turned macabre and ugly. In many ways, the story of Seberg's growing up is the story America growing up. She came from the nation's heartland and seemingly epitomized its health and optimism. Drawn into the civil rights struggle during the 1960's. she was exploited for her well-meaning beliefs as she herself used the cause for her own psychological needs.

David Richards, the author of this fascinating book, has uncovered the most extraordinary information about Seberg's relations with the Black Panthers, with the FBI, with her own child, and with such personalities as Otto Preminger; her second husband, Romain Gary (who subsequently also committed suicide); and various well-known film stars and directors in this country and abroad. Mr Richards has unraveled the complicated stories of the births of Seberg's two children, and particularly of the premature birth and death of Nina, the child whom the FBI publicized as 'of a Black Panther.'

Seberg's career is also explored. Her movie debut was, in fact, a fiasco; yet Vincent Canby, in the New York Times, recently called her 'one of the most enigmatic and appealing movie stars of the 1960's'. Her work in films like Breathless, Lilith and Paint Your Wagon showed that under the right circumstances, she could be an accomplished actress.

In the end, Seberg was the victim of the dreams of her generation. She drank too much, took drugs, seemed to have a talent for becoming involved in complex and destructive relationships. Her story is compelling and, in this book, sensitively and beautifully told.

Played Out. The Jean Seberg Story.
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